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Sigourney Weaver

Biography - A Short Wiki

Sigourney was born October 8, 1949 in Manhattan, New York as a daughter of television executive and actress. That certainly had an impact on her career choices. When it comes to college education, Weaver attended Sarah Lawrence College and Stanford University. She’s married to Jim Simpson since 1984. They have one kid. Sigourney played in Ghostbusters, Aliens, The Cabin in the Woods and countless other movies.

Career Highlights

Here is a short summary of Sigourney Weaver's career:

Career: Weaver’s career began with a non-speaking role in Woody Allen’s “Annie Hall,” which was released in 1977. That being said, her real breakthrough came two years later when she appeared in Ridley Scott’s “Alien” in 1979. Although Veronica Cartwright was originally slated to appear in the role, a last-minute change gave Sigourney the opportunity she had been waiting for. “Alien” proved to be a massive blockbuster hit, grossing over $203 million on a budget of around $10 million. Critics singled Weaver out for praise, celebrating her strong yet sympathetic performance. Later, Weaver would appear in three more “Alien” films.

Family and Personal Life

She married Jim Simpson in 1984, and the couple welcomed a daughter named Charlotte in 1990.

She played her first minor role in Woody Allen’s comedy Annie Hall.

Family Information
Spouse's NameN/A
Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Dating)N/A
Civil StatusN/A

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Nationality, Net Worth and Other Facts

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More Interesting Facts
Full/Real NameN/A
Gender (Biological)Female
Age (as of today)74 years
Date of BirthOctober 8, 1949
Place of BirthNew York City, NY
Height1.82 m, 5 feet 11 inches
Weight66 kg, 146 lbs
Net Worth / Wealth$60 Million
OccupationActor, Voice Actor

Height, Weight, and Age

Sigourney Weaver's height is quite tall measuring 1.82 m. The actor weighs 66 kg. As of today, July 18, 2024, Sigourney Weaver is 74 years old.


"I consider myself very much a team player."

Sigourney WeaverSigourney Weaver

"I love the role of Ripley."

Sigourney WeaverSigourney Weaver

"I still am in touch with several friends from high school. I don't go to reunions much. I'm afraid that if I go back to the school, they'll suddenly go, 'You know what? We've checked the records and you still have one more French class. Get back in here.'"

Sigourney WeaverSigourney Weaver

"Every time there's a really good story, there's women in it. We may not get as many roles, but the roles we get are really good, I think, for the most part."

Sigourney WeaverSigourney Weaver

"I'd love to tell actors about all the things they don't need to worry about. Less is more. If you have it inside, you don't need to show too much. People pick up on things."

Sigourney WeaverSigourney Weaver