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Biography - A Short Wiki

Natalie was born March 17, 1975 in Harris County, Texas. She is very famous mostly through her roles on TV shows. Such as Gwen Hotchkiss on Passions, Winona Hawkins on Justified, and Claire Matthews on The Following. She also had smaller recurring role on Californication as Carrie. In 2014, Zea will appear on The Rebels.

Family and Personal Life

She married her Passions co-star Travis Schuldt in July 2014. She and Travis welcomed a daughter in 2015.

She co-starred with Kevin Bacon in the Fox television drama The Following.

Family Information
Spouse's NameN/A
Boyfriend/Girlfriend (Dating)N/A
Civil StatusN/A

Natalie Zea - Bikini Photos

Natalie Zea Bikini Pic
Confident: Natalie Zea in a bikini is a deadly combo.
Natalie Zea Bikini Photo
Natalie Zea parades her mesmerizing curves in a skimpy outfit.
Natalie Zea Bikini Photo
Bikini pic: Natalie Zea wearing a bikini looks astonishing.
Natalie Zea Bikini
Babe! The TV actress puts her bikini body on display while showing her astonishing figure.

Nationality, Net Worth and Other Facts

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More Interesting Facts
Full/Real NameN/A
Gender (Biological)Female
Age (as of today)48 years
Date of BirthMarch 17, 1975
Place of BirthTexas
Height1.65 m, 5 feet 4 inches
Weight50 kg, 110 lbs
Net Worth / WealthN/A
OccupationTv Actress

Height, Weight, and Age

Natalie Zea's height is pretty average measuring 1.65 m. The tv actress weighs 50 kg. As of today, February 29, 2024, Natalie Zea is 48 years old.


"When I started, I had a really hard time getting work. It was the mid- to late-nineties. There was the WB. My age was perfect for it, but I just never came across as a youngster. I had to grow into my age in order to start working, and by the time I did, it was when things started to get good."

Natalie ZeaNatalie Zea

"Outside of 'Justified,' I do like to keep it to comedy. When I'm not there, I try to seek out stuff that sort of more along the lighter fare. I have more fun on those sets than I do on drama sets just because when it's heavy, it's heavy, and it's hard to get away from it."

Natalie ZeaNatalie Zea

"I really enjoy getting to go and play on other people's shows for an episode or two. It adds such variety to my repertoire."

Natalie ZeaNatalie Zea

"There's something sort of intrinsic in being a Southerner that doesn't go away. You can't get rid of it, but it's not something that's terribly obvious."

Natalie ZeaNatalie Zea

"I think, especially when you're on TV, once you become associated with one genre or the other, it's near impossible to break into the other one, even if you have experience with both."

Natalie ZeaNatalie Zea